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The Bitcoin Business Membership


If you use a membership plugin to protect content on your WordPress site, you might be wondering:

“Can I protect Thrive Apprentice courses with my membership tool?”

You may be surprised to know that Apprentice will already work with many membership plugins… depending on how they are setup.

We already have deep integrations with MemberMouseMemberPressWishlist Member — and our integration with SendOwl lets you bypass the need for membership tools entirely…

…But this doesn’t mean that Thrive Apprentice won’t work with your membership plugin!

In this video tutorial, you’ll discover a setup that works for other popular tools such as:

  • s2Member

  • Restrict Content Pro

  • Active Member 360

  • Ultimate Membership Pro

  • Memberium

  • aMember

…and many more.

Thrive Apprentice makes it easy for you to build and manage online courses that are available only to your paying members, customers, or even as free opt-in incentives to join your mailing list.

Check out the video to see how it works, and read the post below for more information on how to set this up.

In order to show you exactly how this setup works, we’ve got to cover some of the fundamentals of how WordPress manages ‘User Roles’, and how they talk to Thrive Apprentice.

Read on and I guarantee you’ll learn a thing or two about your own website. If you already know about Thrive Apprentice access restriction management and how WordPress User Roles work, then you can jump ahead to the exact step-by-step setup with your membership site.

Access Restriction Rules For WordPress User Roles

This versatile integration trick makes use of the new Access Rules feature we recently added to Thrive Apprentice. With this feature, you can create and edit rules that specify how users get access to courses.

If a user doesn’t match the rule, they cannot view the course content.

This Access Rules feature vastly expands the use-cases for online courses and serves as the backbone for integrating with your membership plugin.

So before we get into paid membership protection, here’s how to use this feature to offer free courses on your website.

The Basics: Protecting A Free Course (no membership plugin required)

Online Courses are a great opt-in incentive for growing your mailing list. Rather than offering just a free PDF or download, you can offer courses in exchange for a visitor joining your mailing list.

The Restriction Rules make it super easy to do this



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